Cultural Interest since 1931

In all restore jobs that have been carried out, the ultimate goal was the preservation of the castle as a historical and cultural heritage, not only in the province of Salamanca, but also at regional level, as it is a unique building and only. For this reason, it has always respected the structure of the building and have been followed at all times, the indications and guidelines Territorial Heritage Commission.

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State of de Castle in 1950


After the Resoration of 1958


Rehabilitation works in 1996


Hotel-Posada conversion in 2003



Cultural Interest since 1931

The Castle of Villanueva de Canedo was declared a historical monument by decree in 1931. This entails a number of obligations, the duty to keep it in perfect condition, always respecting its structure as well as the duty to teach the public. Therefore, in all restoration works they have followed the instructions of the Regional Heritage Commission.

Restoration and Conservation

Conservation works are constant as it is a living being. Stone built in sandstone type, the castle has retained its structure over time and each work has been done has made the castle retains the original structure, adding all the comforts of SXXI.