A Spanish cuisine with a personal touch

The restaurant, entirely vaulted, is located in the former stables of the castle.

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Restaurant CBA

The Castillo del Buen Amor restaurant is located in the old stables. Vaulted completely, preserved in its stones it marks the beds were in the eleventh century and the niches or cribs in perfect condition. A magical place to enjoy the gastronomic pleasures of the area surrounded by the charm of medieval times.

Casera Castellana kitchen

The CBA home cooking restaurant is a tribute to the Spanish tradition. On the table, prepared dishes simmering stews and fresh local products that will delight the most discerning palates and the most exquisite tastes.

Menus design

Our chef, Javier Esgueva, carefully designed menus based on home cooking and the Spanish tradition to choose the one you like. There are also menus for the youngest members of the house and we offer an extensive menu to customize the menus and design of special events. 


Textures of Chocolate, the Tartísima Cheese, Nutella Pump or Tarita Baileys ... sweet treats that will put the icing on their lunch and dinner and will delight the sweet tooth.

And on Sundays, cooked!

As tradition, on Sundays we offer a hearty cooked Castilian. But if you can not wait until the last day, also we prepare it to order.Delicious!

Celebrations flavorful

Family events, silver wedding, corporate events ... every moment has a unique flavor. Therefore, in the Castillo del Buen Amor elaborate custom menus designed especially for each celebration.Smart!